Saturday, October 10, 2009

Visit of KGM Rotaractors

For the dense relationship of District 3450 Rotary families, Rotaract club of NUM hosted the Rotaract club of KGM of HK in Mongolia from20th to 27th of September, 2009. During this period KGM and NUM Rotaractors shared the cultures and experiences with each other intensively. Within this busy week journey, we visited many sites such as Mongolian Rotary community, society based organizations and livelihoods of Mongolian families.

Below are the itineraries of the 7 day visit:

20th of Sep.

Arrival of the KGM Rotaractors at the Chingis Khaan International Airport. Rotaract club of NUM welcomed the KGM Rotaractors in a Mongolian traditional way.

21th of Sep.

KGM Rotaractors visited the Sukhbaatar square, the post office and had a lunch in Mongolian restaurant and get to know about Mongolian traditional foods. After the surprising lunch, we headed to the “Ger” district where the lower income people live to have a brief understanding. Then we visited Public schools in the “Ger” district to view the differences between “Ger” district and Central district public schools. To have a broader sightseeing of the Ulaanbaatar city and a amazing view of the sunset, we headed to the “Zaisan” war memorial statue on Bogd Khan Mountain. With the starving stomach, we had a welcome dinner by the Rotaract club of NUM in Savannah Restaurant.

22nd of Sep.
KGM Rotaract visited a state orphanage and spent a whole day with the children. There they gave out hundreds of clothes which they bought from Hong Kong and enjoyed their time playing with the kids, giving their warm support and love. Dinner was held with the UB Rotaract members. In the evening our guests went to our NUM Rotaractors houses for a one night home stay.

23rd of Sep.
In the morning KGM went to see the Natural History Museum and the National History Museum, after that we went to 23rd State school to see the computer laboratory established under the sponsor of Taiwan's Rotary club. While our NUM Rotaract meeting held with special guest CEO Mr.Gankhuyag, KGM Rotaractors were having dinner at Altai barbecue. In the evening we all gathered at Savannah restaurant to go Metropolis night club to have a goodtime and get to know each other more.

24th of Sep.
This day our first of all, our Hong Kong guests bought some fundraising souvenirs to take back home and after lunch we went to the Cancer Research center in UB and looked around its facilities and learned about how it operates. The next destination was shopping. For instance, the State Department Store and Mercury food market. This was about the end of the day and the remaining time was left for resting.

25th of Sep.
Early in the morning the first destination was to visit the "Rotary Safe Water Project" which was implemented on the “Ger” district area. The next site was to see the "Keep Mongolia Green" project site but because it was cancelled plans were scheduled to meet the "Erdem" orphanage center children. Our NUM and KGM rotaractors were given a warm welcome and were presented by a mini talent show specially dedicated for us by the children of Erdem center. everyone were very touched and our HK rotaractors immediately wanted to help them by buying new furniture. In the afternoon, we left to the countryside and saw the great Chinggis Khan's statue located at "Tsonjin Boldog". After that we headed to our camp in terelj called the "Bumban tourist camp", which we had the most fun and crazy time together. We did activities like playing games, camp fire gathering and eating national food "HORHOG".

26th of Sep.
In the morning we were still at our camp, our Hong Kong friends went horse riding and after having lunch there, we headed straight to the city for a little resting. Late in the afternoon it was time for our Farewell dinner at "Beijing" Chinese restaurant. There we handed out presents to each other and took many photos. Finally, time for departure was near and we all headed to Chinggis Khan international Airport to wish them a safe journey back home, and to cooperate in the future.

The moments with KGM Rotaractors were a truly unforgetful. Our clubs built a strong bridge between us.

We have shared all we have with no worries as we all do it under the warm family motto;
Rotary shares.

We have seen the real dreams of many people as we all hope to make it happen saying
“Make Dreams Real”

We have shown ourselves to the society that we are the leaders of the tomorrow.
We learned, we served and we led. Future of Rotary is in our hands.
Cheers Rotaractors!!!

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