Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“Model United Nations Assembly 2009” Mongolia participation

Youth generation of Rotary’s warm family, the Rotaractors of Rotary International District 3450, organized a ground breaking event known as the “Model United Nations Assembly 2009” during 13th to 16th of August in Guangzhou, China.

The assembly was widely organized through Asia as there were over 300 delegates from countries of Philippine, China, South Korea, Macao, Hong Kong and Mongolia. We, Mongolian delegates have participated “MUNA 2009” with a member of 11 Interacts and one advisor. 8 members were from Interact club of SION-93 and the rest 3 were from Interact club of Orchlon School.

The MUNA 2009 consists of 4 committees regarding to its issues that are facing the world. The four committees are “Disarmament and International Security Committee”, “Economic and Financial Committee”, “Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee” and “Economic and Social Council”. There were delegates representing 30 countries and Rotaractors who represented Chairperson or DAIS of the committee.

As leaving for MUNA 2009 from UB on 8th of August, 2009, our 15 days of long journey had started. We reached our destination which was Guangzhou on 12th of August. We had only one day to start MUNA 2009, the organizing team held a workshop for delegates from Mongolia.

The event lasted for 4 days. Through these 4 days of assembly, we made a big investment for our future and gained a lifetime experience.

What we gained:

1. Learned to think globally and act globally

2. Learned how to work as a team

3. More efficient way of speaking, plus lobbying and debating and some diplomatic skills

4. Gained broader understanding of different cultures; Cultural exchange

5. Built a friendship and developed a global network of partnership

(Team Mongolia in MUNA 2009, 09.08.15)

On 15th of August, The International night was organized. We represented our home country; Mongolia, by wearing traditional suits and dress. We also made a performance including traditional dance and song, and an individual beat box show. Last but not least, all the delegates made a cultural booth to introduce their representing country to the others.

We are fully proud that we introduced our home country intensively to other cultures. Our achievements from MUNA 2009 are:

1. Certificate: “Most Creative Booth” awarded to delegates from Mongolia during International night.

2. Certificate: “Outstanding delegates” awarded to Tergel and Dorjpagma

3. Certificate: “Best representative country” awarded to delegates from Mongolia

We, delegates from Mongolia are very thankful for the Rotary clubs of Mongolia for giving us an opportunity to take part in MUNA 2009 and for offering us a life time experience and chance to gain insights into global hot issues.

The Future Rotary is in our hands.


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  1. hey ;)

    Nice to hear from you and your Rotaract Model United Nations experience.

    I'm from Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare and we launched the Rotaract International Model United Nations Conference.

    Is similar but we would like that this Rotaract International MUN to travel from a country to another every year.
    Every year a different club can organize it so it will give opportunities to all youth arround the world to express themselves and plan with us the future.

    Take a look at http://www.RotaractMUN.org and let's keep in touch. We could work together:>