Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We, Rotaractors give happiness

Rotaract club of Kowloon Golden Mile and Rotaract club of National University of Mongolia implemented a joint international project at “Erdem” orphanage which is located in Songino Khairhan district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The project fulfillment were great as many honored guests such as Rotary District 3450 2009-2010 Governor Ada Cheng, 2010-2011 Governor Jason Cheng, 2009-2010 Assistant Governor Bertsetseg and 2010-2011 Assistant Governor Bayarsaikhan, 2009-2010 Assistant Secretary Delgertsoo, President of Rotary club of Ulaanbaatar Manlai, Past President of Rotary club of Ulaanbaatar Namsrai and other District Representatives visited the site and joined our project introduction by spending a fun and delightful moments with the children.

The project covers 2 full set of computer, 1 audio player, 1 iron, 4 water boilers and some sweets for the children in the “Erdem” orphanage. For the coming September, NUM Rotaractors are planning to connect the computers to the internet and teach the children about the computers and connections once in a week. Children will have a good knowledge of technology and soon, they will start to write e-mails to their beloved brothers and sisters from Rotaract club of KGM and Rotary District 3450 officers as promised.

The children in the “Erdem” are aged from 5 to 18 and all the 30 of them were really talented. As we went to the orphanage, the children surprised all of us with amazing performances. With all their heart and spirit, little Davaadalai showed us an amazing bending while 2 busy hip-hoppers Bathangai and Tuguldur brought us an rhythmic hip-hop song named “busy”. A traditional Mongolian dance, Myangad was performed by Oyun-Erdene too. Looks like no ordinary child in here…

We weren’t the ones who prepared a present as we noticed that the children also prepared some beautiful handicrafts such as pearl decorative and hand made drawings for the honored guests and for the lovely brothers and sisters from Rotaract club of KGM.

At the end of the project process, all the people were so happy that they were really hoping to see each other again soon…
Rotaract club of NUM and “Erdem” orphanage center would like to appreciate all the supporters and cooperatives such as Rotaract club of KGM, Rotary club of KGM and Rotary club of Ulaanbaatar. Special thanks to Rotaract Cluf of Kowloon Golden Mile for initiating and investing their time and effort for this project.

Rotaract club of National University of Mongolia 2010.06.16

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